Globalization has brought different languages and cultures closer to each other. Beside all its obvious advantages, mixing people also mean accommodating traditions and values that seem to contradict each other.
More than anywhere else, the extent of the challenge is visible in the growing tension between Islam and Christianity. Radical minorities are just the tip of the iceberg, of the lack of common ground between both religions. On both sides, it seems that the general opinion emphasizes the differences: While in the West, Muslims are often classified in the "axis of evil" that threatens our peaceful world with fear and terror, Muslims generally seen Christians as falsifiers of the Bible, pork eaters and addicts to alcohol and immorality.
Both sides have emphasized theological differences for centuries, and the verbal aggression has sometimes ended up in growing violence beyond words.
However, a closer look shows a different reality: Both religions do have a solid common ground; and while both sides rebel against a negative image opposed to the idealistic view they would like to promote, why not then consider the growing sense of threat sensed by all parties as a cry for more understanding?
The founders of Hope to Share have dedicated their lives to a study Christianity and Islam in their theological fundament and in the every-day life of the believers. Historical researches and comparative exegesis of the Sacred Scriptures of these spiritual descendants of Abraham reveal that the similarities are powerful enough to overcome the discrepancies and the hatred.
This is why Hope to Share offers to Christians and Muslims a base of approach, and invites all those who care more about peace than hatred to use the resources published to build bridges wherever needed. The goal is to reduce intercultural and religious prejudices and to support dialogue and integration.
We invite all visitors of our website to get an idea about our work and our offers, hoping to share with you a message of reconciliation. Hope to Share is open to your questions and suggestions.

Hope to Share e.V.
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